5 Apps Finding Roommates

5 Great Apps for Finding Roommates

In today’s economy renting is becoming the new normal in living arrangements for more and more Americans. Not only is leasing a home overtaking homeownership in nearly every age class, but sub-leasing is also on the rise. If you are someone interested in subletting or if you are looking for a room to rent for yourself then this article is for you. Finding a good roommate is akin to a crapshoot these days, so to help facilitate and ease the task of finding a trustworthy roommate we have put together a list of apps which help connect renters to subletters.

Circle for Roommates

Circle for Roommates offers an interesting new concept of finding roommates.  Using the Facebook integration for access to the app, Circle for Roommates uses Facebook’s network to connect subletters to mutual friends of friends looking for roommates as well. To connect with potential roommates, you use a profile card swiping feature much online dating apps to connect with potential roommates; the app will also require you to share your location, so the app connects you with local roommates. Currently, the app is only available for download and use on Apple devices.


RoomZoom started in 2015 with the intention of helping people find a roommate safe, easy, and fast. RoomZoom’s algorithm helps determine the best roommates for you based on your preferences. To get the best results from the app fill out your profile as honestly as possible. RoomZoom’s services are free of charge and looking to expand out of the New York area to other major cities soon.


Diggz is another roommate finder app that works much like other online dating apps where you like or dislike potential roommates. When you match up with a roommate, you can chat with each other on the platform completely free.  Even better Diggz can also help you find apartments if you’re not keen on subletting.


EasyRoommate has been available on the app marketplace for quite some time now and has a very user-friendly interface. EasyRoommate works on a very simple concept of matching up people who are searching for a room with people who have a room available to rent. The service is free of charge to register for both those posting a room available and those trying to find a room. The most notable downside of this app is the limitation set on access to every user. Removing these limitations requires paying for a low-cost premium service.


Roomiematch is another matching app that uses personality similarities to match up potential roommates based on profile questions. Real humans and not robots verify all users on Roommiematch, so your chances of dealing with scammers or spammers are minimized.  Finding local roommates is easy due to IP location technology. Unless you want to go straight for their premium account, subscribing to Roomiematch is free.

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