Charlotte, NC 28226

2 Beds, 1 Bath

7309 Sheffingdell Drive, Charlotte, NC 28226

Rent to Own

Sale Type: Rent to Own
Property Type: Multifamily (2 - 4 Units)
Description: This is a listing for a rent-to-own property. This rent-to-own property is a 2 beds 1 bath multifamily (2 - 4 units) in the city of Charlotte NC. The current owner has listed this item with as a rent-to-own and can be contacted directly with questions related to the buying or renting of this home. More information regarding the neighborhood, property value and more can be found below. Please register to view more photos of this rent-to-own multifamily (2 - 4 units) in Charlotte as well as price and contact information for the owner or legal representative.