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Questions to Ask when Considering a Rent-to-Own Home

There is that adage about not being afraid to ask stupid questions? While that technically may be true, it is essential to put forth the right questions while there is time to ask. When planning to buy a home or rent-to-own a home, there are so many questions to ask it is difficult to pick the right questions. Buying a home is a big step, and it is vital to ask the right questions regarding any home one would consider buying.
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San Antonio

Rent To Own Homes in San Antonio, TX

Way down deep in the heart of Texas is where you will find San Antonio. San Antonio is probably most popular for the battle fought at the Alamo during the struggle for Texas’ Independence. But honestly, San Antonio is a one of a kind city with a very rich history, and anyone who has never been to San Antonio needs to go check it out. The San Antonio area locals colloquially refer to the surrounding area as “Hill Country” due to the beautiful natural geography. Hill Country is teaming with wild rivers, flowing waterfalls, natural springs, forests of cedar and cacti, amazing rock formations, and sprawling natural caverns.
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Poor Credit

Buying a Home with Poor Credit

There are many people these days having a hard time making a home purchase.   Many of these people are hard working folks with great jobs and a little bit of financial security, but are tired of throwing their hard earned money away every month on rent payment.  It seems, the only thing holding back those folks are their credit scores.   A credit score needs to be at a minimum of 620 to qualify for a traditional mortgage.  What can these people do about their situation?  Well, there are some options available for those wishing to turn their dream of owning a home into a reality.

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Tips to Declutter Your Home

People love to collect things.  Over the years, most people have collected a plethora of knick-knacks, souvenirs, or curious decorations to fill their homes.  But we also don’t like to feel cluttered.    Sometimes it can very hard to define that line between decorated and cluttered because we don’t like to get rid of the things we enjoy.   If that feeling of being too cluttered floats in and starts to get uncomfortable then it is probably time to start organizing and decluttering our homes.  But what valuable artifacts collected over the years does one get rid of?  Here are some ideas on how to decide what to keep and throw out and some pretty neat tricks on how to accomplish those tasks.

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Rent to Own Home Contract Clauses

It may be surprised to learn that there are just about 46 million rental leases signed every year in the US and about 38% of all US households are renting their homes.  In hot rental housing markets, property owners tend to draft lease agreements which lean toward the favor of the owners in legal gray areas.  These leases may contain clauses, which could end up costing a renting family a lot of money one day down the road.

Finding a suitable rental can be challenging task in the hotter markets, often the supply of available rentals has such quick turnover that renters are left to choose the first rental available.  However, signing the first lease agreement that comes along can be a costly mistake and renters should be aware of some common lease agreement clauses. Read More

Miami rent to own

Rent-to-Own a Home in Miami, FL

If you have ever spent any time in Miami, FL you will quickly discover just how much the people love their city.  Miami, FL is one of the most culturally diverse cities in America, and the city is known for the carefree, fun-loving lifestyle most people who live there embrace. Let us take a look at the main areas of Miami and break down some of the more popular spots.

To kick things off, Downtown Miami is a hotspot for some of the finest Caribbean cuisine you will find in any of the 50 states. There is also one of the best NBA franchises in recent NBA history, the Miami Heat who play at the American Airlines arena have won numerous NBA titles in recent years. Downtown is filled with amazing restaurants, clubs, and venues like the Gusman Theatre. There are plenty of parks to be found, and there is easy access to metro mover stations.

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What is the True Cost of Buying a Home

Buying a home is something that most Americans consider the ultimate achievement in life.  What is the mantra?  “Get married, have kids, buy a house.”  Those three tasks are at the core of what it means to be an American and have been repeated over and over to us as we have grown up.   I don’t know if the order matters but buying a home feels like getting a lifetime achievement award and it should because it’s one the most substantial purchases are a person will make in their lifetimes.

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Keeping your Home Clean and Organized

Spring cleaning time is right around the corner again and the usual struggle to keep everything organized and clean is already taxing.   So why not take advantage of this time to get started on the coming spring clean up a little bit early.   Today we are going to go over some things to do daily around the house to help keep the place tidy and looking clean.   These suggestions and tips will go a long way to make that spring cleaning task seem a little less massive and looming.

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Guide to Residential Architecture

We thought it would be fun to explore all the different architectural styles of home building to help anyone reading to discover their ideal home architectural style.  Here, we are going to take a look at some of the most common techniques of home architecture that you will find across the United States and give some tips on how to identify each style by highlighting what makes each style unique.

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Gardening Tips for Small Plots

With Spring just over the horizon and warmer weather approaching it is an excellent time to start planning out gardening spaces for the year ahead.  That is terrific news for those with huge yards plenty of space to plant a garden but what about those people who live in smaller places like condos, apartments, or townhomes?  Believe it or not, there are many creative ways to grow a few fruits, veggies, or fresh herbs on balconies or small yards.

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